How to increase organic traffic In your Website with SEO (Ultimate Guide)

There are many ways to increase organic traffic, such as social media and paid traffic also brings people to your website, which may block your AdSense. So if you bring as much organic traffic from any search engine and if you use social media or any paid traffic with it, then your AdSense will never be blocked, so Techjoshonline prefers SEO (search engine optimization)

We do search engine optimization in different types like SEO off-page and SEO on-page, first I tell you the difference between so off-page and SEO on-page which one is going to benefit you more.

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SEO on page:-

on-page SEO we call it In which we make any changes in our website or blog like

1. Site speed 

Site speed ​​Matter Too Much. If your website’s loading speed is not good in ranking your website well then your website will never get in the top pages of any search engine because when the crawler visits your website or blog. First of all, watch your website speed. After that, watch your content.

How To increase website Speed :

To increase the page speed of the website, compress all the banners or images of your website, use them on the website or blog, and make your website mobile responsive. If your website is in WordPress, you can increase your website speed by using the W3 Total Cache plugin…. you Can Download W3 Total Cache plugin Here Also

2. Article tag and Keyword

Article tag also matters a lot to rank in the search engine, because if you use a good tag, hope that your article gets ranked in the search engine quickly and good traffic starts coming to your website.

What is Tag and keyword:-

A tag is that which we write when we write our article by choosing the word of a word that is written by it, then we call it a tag

3. Create Good Meta Description

The crawler only checks the meta description of your content only after that no search engine checks your content. You should write the meta description properly and use your keyword in it and the meta description should not be more than 140 words and if you can use it, then you should include the title of your article in it.

<meta name="description" content="Techjoshonline is a technical blog in which we share articles related to all types of tech and SEO and we provide through Techjoshonline&#039;s best web development services and SEO services"/>

4. Title

The title should be kept with a lot of thinking because it matters very much to get the user to visit your post, why first of all everyone visits by seeing your title.

<title> » Updated New Thinks Daily</title>

5. Check All Parameter with SEOyoast:

SEO Yoast is a plugin, due to which we can correct any of our SEO parameters.

It is great to use WordPress for any parameter like

1. Targeted keywords set for Your Articles:

It used the Set your Article Targeted Keyword And it is Also Free or paid service in SEO Yoast plugin You Can Set One Keyword Free ..if you Want to set more than One Keyword then You Will Move the Paid Service!

2.SEO analysis

SEO Yoast Plugin: will Also Check the Error in SEO parameter you can check and SEO parameter is GREEN high light Like This:

3.Readability analysis

Readability is Also mattered to the rank page one in the Search Engine and it most important thing for more user Interface

4. Text link counter

It is the count your internal links and External Link in the Article

6.XML sitemaps

XML sitemap to create your website or blog For Sitemap it is the most important thing To do for Your Website Or Blog


SEO Of-page is the Basically Links Building Technique to Do for Your Website Or blog which is the doing Thinks Like:

1.Business Listing

2.Classifieds Ads Submission

3.Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a good method to Increase traffic Your Website Or Blog As well as Increase Your Domain Authority Your Blog Or Website and It is easy to do the Social Bookmarking

  • Just Signup social Bookmarking sites then log in with your User-Id and Password and simply Put your Website URL and it will Load your Website Information Like your Website Title And Description

4.Image Sharing

5.Infographic sharing

  • Firstly You will Make Infographic in the I’ll Recommend for the infographic you will make infographic easy and simple

6.Video Submission

7.Ping Submission

8.Search Engine

9. Blog Submission

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